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Florian Zimmer has 20 years’ experience in marketing and consulting in emerging markets, for both international corporations as well as start-ups. His experience of working with decision-makers, often in challenging environments, helps him to cross functional boundaries and lead successful projects. Florian Zimmer speaks English, French, Dutch and Russian.
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The adventure begins

Magellan Marketing SA

Based in Morges, Switzerland, the company focuses on the growth of Swiss and European companies in emerging markets.

Local Business

Global Expertise

I collaborate with internationally renowned experts in marketing, project finance and legal matters. Together, we support our clients’ development. We also build effective working relationships with key people and skilled professionals in target markets.
Whom do we work for ?

Entrepreneurs with a long-term perspective

Together with my clients, I build projects for a particular company at a key stage of its development. We use proven methods of internationalization, marketing and business development to help entrepreneurs who are building for the long term.

How does it work ?

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Project Viability

Assessment of the necessary requirements for the company’s internationalization.

Financial analysis, studies and scenarios.

Involvement of company management.


Market Selection

Country and market structure analysis, assessment of its industrial potential, and decision on industry/market combinations.



Identification of barriers to entry and local factors;

determination of conditions for success;

and selection of potential entry strategies and partners.


Strategy and Plan

Formulation of business model, development of market entry strategy, and planning for marketing, HR and financing.


Prospecting & Marketing

Selection of high-potential contacts, initial introductions, follow-up until agreements are signed. Set up of communications and networking resources: direct on-site contacts, multi-channel digital marketing, public relations.



Financial modeling, search for local partners (international banks, international funds, international institutions) and eventual support (legal and HR services).



On-site due diligence of partners.
The founder

Florian Zimmer

Florian Zimmer is the founder and managing director of Magellan Marketing SA.
He is responsible for customer relations and project management.

Florian has successfully used his know-how in marketing and strategic planning to help large companies and SMEs with their internationalization projects. Active for 20 years, Florian has worked for a range of sectors, including FMCG, retail, banking, construction and telecommunications.

A graduate of HEC Paris and the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, he also has a passion for sailing.

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Florian Zimmer


Founder and CEO


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Your partner for sustainable growth in emerging markets, thanks to extensive expertise in business development and project financing.