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We offer tailor-made solutions for sustainable and responsible international growth, always with respect for our customers’ reputations.

Expansion Strategy.

Strategic expansion planning: the development of a long-term strategy is essential for the company’s sustainable expansion and growth. By defining achievable ambitions for the company, then carefully planning each step to anticipate potential challenges, the company will be better prepared to meet market demands and seize expansion opportunities.


Impactful communications for respected brands.


Direct prospecting and targeted networking.

Research and Verification.

Thoroughly researching and vetting your partners is a crucial step in ensuring long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

We carefully examine the background, references and reputation of each potential partner before preparing an introduction.

Transparency and integrity are key values for us, and we maintain high standards when selecting partners.

Project Financing.

Identification of desirable financing methods.

Our Charter

At Magellan Marketing SA, we are committed to providing first-class consulting, marketing and business development services.


We strive for excellence in all our services.


We encourage innovation and initiative.


We always act with respect, integrity and confidentiality.


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